These are some of the projects I have been involved in, one way or another. Most of the projects are related to school, but some have I worked on during my free time.

School projects


Aerial is a project where you control an airplane by moving a smartphone around. The goal of the project was to make something which somebody paralyzed from the neck and downwards could interact with. The smartphone is supposed to be attached to your head and you control the plane by tilting your head back and forth or side to side.

I worked mostly on project management and fixing the issues we had, as well as some of the mathematical modeling needed.

This project was part of the KTH course AGI-15.

Figure 1: Gameplay of Aerial.

Figure 1: Gameplay of Aerial.


Padawan101 is a light saber simulator made for Oculus DK2, a Microsoft Kinect and a smart phone. The project was built with Unity. We combined a lot of technologies to get body and light saber tracking working correctly. Worked on a lot of stuff during the project. What I worked the most on was actually networking, to create even more views so that people could join and look at the jedi fighting. I was also responsible for the project web page.

The code is available here. This project was also part of the KTH course AGI-15.

Put put glorify!

Bm-putputglorify is a multiplayer game to be played on a big screen using smart phones as controllers. You spawn as a shell, the objective is to crash into other shells. Me and some of my friends built it as part of a ‘pizza & javascript’ - hackathon.

Figure 2: Gameplay of bm-putputglorify

Figure 2: Gameplay of bm-putputglorify

Rendering with ray casting and rasterization

I built two renderers using ray tracing and rasterization as part of a introduction course to computer graphics.