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Nov 5, 2013
[Anton Erholt]
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My name’s Anton Erholt and I’ve just started my master’s programme in Computer Science at KTH. I’m 23 years old and live in a suburb of Stockholm together with two of my friends.

I’ve been playing computer games for about as long as I can remember. I remember the Christmas when I got my first console, the Nintendo Game Boy 1 together with Super Mario Land 2.

Ever since then, I guess I’ve been kind of hooked on handheld games. Somehow, I really prefer the compact format and (the usually) somewhat simple controls. I can recall playing in the backseat of the car as a kid almost every vacation trip we ever made.

Throughout the years, I’ve owned a few different handheld consoles, mostly from the Nintendo series. IIRC, I currently own a Game Boy, a Game Boy Advanced (GBA), a PlayStation Pocket (PSP) and well, no PS VITA, but a PlayStation Certified smartphone 3. Together with my flatmate, we have some other consoles at home as well (NES, SNES, N64, PS3, XBOX [original] and a… Commodore 64!). As of right now I mainly play on my smartphone or my PC if I play something.

My favorite genre of games usually varies a bit, but over the years I seem to return to the single player RPG-genre. Games such as Golden Sun 4, The Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening 5 and Final Fantasy VII 6 are a few of my favorites. Another genre which I’ve grown a bit attached to, is the roguelike, dungeon-crawling genre. Permadeath, tons of monsters and weird actions. Dungeons of Dredmor 7 is one of the games I’m currently playing a lot.

One of my greatest game experiences must have been while playing Pokémon Blue 8, getting the 151st Pokémon. I remember being extremely happy about having “Caught them all”. The feeling was almost indescribable after having spent so many hours completing that task. Too bad it only took ‘til a few months until they released about a hundred more Pokémons in a new game.

One of the worst gaming experiences I’ve had was probably when I played one of the Zenonia 9 games on my phone. The game was so focused on trying to sell me stuff and incorporating ads that it was almost unplayable. I uninstalled it very quickly since it wasn’t that fun. I’d rather had spent some money on buying the game instead of having a f2p business model.

I’ve not got that much experience of developing games. My main development work has been of web programming nature (part front-end, part back-end), so this is a bit of a new field for me.

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