Tools for completing a master's thesis
Feb 25, 2016
[Anton Erholt]
2 minute read

A master’s thesis is an intense 18 weeks of total focus and devotion to a research question. So far, I’ve only been able to invest about one weeks worth of studies during a four week period. My personal life is taking its toll on my work at the moment. I don’t feel like it’s that frustrating, but I’d really like to get more stuff done.

In order to increase my productivity I’ve come up with a plan.

  1. Devote more time to planning in the morning
  2. Use a pomodoro (from Italian: means tomato) timer when working to minimize distractions

To keep track of my pomodoros, I use a simple app called Productivity Challenge Timer.

These two simple things should allow me to plan the process more smoothly.

Step one in the process of the thesis is to write a specification document. The document should provide detailed information of the following things:

  • The goals of the thesis, what I hope to achieve
    • Why it is important
    • To whom is it important
  • My own background and why I’m eligible to write it
  • The research question this thesis will try to explore and answer
  • A detailed timeplan for when everything should be done

Just like this blog, I’ll largely write my thesis in emacs with org-mode. I’ve started to organize some of the references I’ve found in Mendeley Desktop and in an org-mode file. I also found a nice latex-package for doing gantt-charts called pgfgantt.

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