To use DDD or not (| !) to use DDD
Jan 7, 2014
[Anton Erholt]
1 minute read

My initial thoughts on Data Driven Development was that it to some extent might have been unneccessary (mainly due to the fact that I didn’t understand it fully). I thought that when making a smaller game, you probably wouldn’t benefit from using a DDD code style at all. However, after reading this post on why one should use an entity-component-system composition of a game/gameengine, I have changed my mind.

Our initial approach to writing the game was with OOP (Object-Oriented Principles) which gave us a massive Character class, which as of right now only seems unneccessary. At the moment, the entity-relation software model seems like a great way for us to develop, since it will give us the benefit of partitioning almost everything into tiny beautiful pieces which almost magically works together.

As of right now we have a lot of coding to do in order to get our game playable (which of course is our current goal). Hopefully we’ll be able to show off something soon.

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