The beginning of Anton's Game Dev Story
Jan 7, 2014
[Anton Erholt]
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About a year ago, me and two classmates (johntu & dmol) participated in a programming competition called Escape from /dev/null. The competition is based around having to program something that assembles a client to a web-based API revolving different things. The API gets further uncovered as you get further into the competition. It’s a game in a game. Very meta and Oh-So-Lovely™ if you are into these kinds of things.

Back to the contest! As young and somewhat novice web programmers, little did we know what to expect as we entered the contest. Not entirely without effort, we smacked our heads together, right down in the free pizza, chunked it down hard with some delicious beer and ended up at somewhere in the order of second to last.

Figure 1: Our client for the space themed /dev/null

Figure 1: Our client for the space themed /dev/null

Needless to say, time passed and we participated in a few more similar contests. The game we are building is in fact a client for this particular game. Peter Svensson (@psvensson) has made a fabulous job of writing the game mechanics and providing it as a web service for us to write a client from. We use web technologies in the core and hope to deliver an exclusive fullscreen, WebGL experience to all of our players. Are you getting excited? No? Then, maybe a bit interested? Aha… You continue reading because of pity and self-recognition? Ah well, just wait until I tell you what the game is about…

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