Set up Clojure with Emacs on Arch Linux
Nov 11, 2018
[Anton Erholt]
2 minute read

Since I use Arch Linux I decided to use the distro package management to help out with the install. When starting out, I already had emacs installed (If I had not, a pacman -S emacs would have done the job).

The last time I used Clojure, I used lein for doing project management. I guess I’ll start from there this time too.

I installed an AUR helper yay which allows me to install non-official Arch packages similar to how pacman does it. NOTE: You REALLY need to read through the PKGBUILD file for the packages you install, so that they do not do anything fishy (at least read the commments on AUR).

Having yay installed, it was a breeze to get the packages clojure and leiningen installed. I chose the current openjdk (version 11.0.1) as the backing JVM.

I looked at braveclojure and ebzzry when setting up my Emacs configuration. The biggest thing I changed was the slurping/barfing where C-<left/right> acts forward and M-<left/right> acts backward.

Starting out, I created this file, but later when I ran M-x cider-jack-in, I got some weird error so I removed it. I guess some stuff has happened since the last time I did this.

  • ~/.lein/profiles.clj <- DON’T add this file
{:user {:plugins [[cider/cider-nrepl "0.8.1"]]}}
  • ~.emacs
(use-package clojure-mode
  :ensure t)

(use-package cider
  :ensure t)

(use-package smartparens
  :ensure t
  :bind (
	 ("C-M-a" . sp-beginning-of-sexp)
	 ("C-M-e" . sp-end-of-sexp)

	 ("C-<down>" . sp-down-sexp)
	 ("C-<up>"   . sp-up-sexp)
	 ("M-<down>" . sp-backward-down-sexp)
	 ("M-<up>"   . sp-backward-up-sexp)

	 ("C-M-f" . sp-forward-sexp)
	 ("C-M-b" . sp-backward-sexp)

	 ("C-M-n" . sp-next-sexp)
	 ("C-M-p" . sp-previous-sexp)

	 ("C-S-f" . sp-forward-symbol)
	 ("C-S-b" . sp-backward-symbol)

	 ("C-<right>" . sp-forward-slurp-sexp)
	 ("C-<left>" . sp-forward-barf-sexp)
	 ("M-<left>"  . sp-backward-slurp-sexp)
	 ("M-<right>"  . sp-backward-barf-sexp)

	 ("C-M-t" . sp-transpose-sexp)
	 ("C-M-k" . sp-kill-sexp)
	 ("C-k"   . sp-kill-hybrid-sexp)
	 ("M-k"   . sp-backward-kill-sexp)
	 ("C-M-w" . sp-copy-sexp)
	 ("C-M-d" . delete-sexp)

	 ("M-<backspace>" . backward-kill-word)
	 ("C-<backspace>" . sp-backward-kill-word)
	 ([remap sp-backward-kill-word] . backward-kill-word)

	 ("M-[" . sp-backward-unwrap-sexp)
	 ("M-]" . sp-unwrap-sexp)

	 ("C-x C-t" . sp-transpose-hybrid-sexp)

	 ("C-c ("  . wrap-with-parens)
	 ("C-c ["  . wrap-with-brackets)
	 ("C-c {"  . wrap-with-braces)
	 ("C-c '"  . wrap-with-single-quotes)
	 ("C-c \"" . wrap-with-double-quotes)
	 ("C-c _"  . wrap-with-underscores)
	 ("C-c `"  . wrap-with-back-quotes))
  :diminish smartparens-mode
  (require 'smartparens-config)
  (smartparens-global-mode 1))

(use-package rainbow-delimiters
  :ensure t)

That is about it for getting Clojure and running with Emacs on Arch Linux. Now you can do lein new to generate a new project. To get a REPL running, simply open the project.clj and M-x cider-jack-in.

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