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Dec 13, 2013
[Anton Erholt]
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We made a presentation of a game demo we developed during the course 1. Here follows the script and some comments of the final presentation (NOTE: This might be a tedious read since… Well. You have been warned).

Presentation Script

Welcome Hi everyone and welcome to this presentation. We’re the group “Fat ninja” a.k.a. Kitten with Mittens. We are here to present a charming puzzle game with…


…an adorable Kitten. But is it so cute after all? Kitten with Mittens is a game where you lead Cat through a series of levels by using his moving abilities. The levels are puzzles where you need to think and plan your route beforehand if you want to complete the level successfully.

As you probably can tell by our awesome posters, the game is currently available on Android and iOS platforms, but today we will be demoing on the Windows platform (Microsoft Surface tablet) and a smart phone. Without spoiling anything more about the game, we are going to present a story to you.


In a warm and cozy house, far up in icy and cold Sweden, lives Cat the clumsy kitten.

One early winter morning, Cat is lying in a warm bed under a blanket. Sleeping and dreaming of catnip with not a single thought of ever going up.

  • “Aaaah, this will be a lovely day of doing nothing.”

All of a sudden, Cat feels the need to scratch behind the ear. As Cat moves the paw back-and forth on the head, Cat tries to unfold a claw for that extra bit of OOMPH in the scratch. Cat feels that all of the fingers are completely restrained and Cat can’t unfold them at all. What is this?! Cat panics and tumbles over, whelps the bed over and lands in an otherwise yummilicious bowl of morning milk.

Cat slowly lift the eyelids and discovers a pair of mittens on top of the paws. As if that wasn’t enough, already having the morning ruined by a non-scratched itch and immobilization of paws, Cat also discovers a long scarf tied way too hard around the neck. What used to be a warm kitty, soft kitty, little ball of fur - is now unhappy kitty, awake and wet kitty, no purr, purr, purr!

Will you help Cat rid the mittens?

Game play Showed a short video of actual gameplay

So what does the game play look like? All-in-all you can move the cat around by swiping left or right, jump by tapping and swing by pressing and holding when near a swinging platform. These abilities can be combined in order to create mind blowing and dazzling puzzles.

Art Original art hand-made by Kajsa. The cat is modeled and animated by Veronica in Blender.

Project plan On time.

Trailer, Thanks & Questions

Comments About the Game

Positive Feedback

The first thing that struck people was how cute and pleasing to the eyes the game was, even though it was not the most technically advanced game presented during the seminar. The prototype was completely made up from primitives that was at our disposal in Unity, a self made model (the cat) from Blender and watercolour made paintings that had been scanned in for the textures in the background as well as the textures on walls and the ground. They really liked the art direction as well and thought that the whole presentation (textures, level design and models) looked consistent as a whole.

The consensus about the game mechanics and level progression itself from the people who tried it was that it was addicting, since the reward of clearing a stage made you want to play the game for longer. They liked the rope mechanic too even though it is hard to master.

Another thing that people really liked was the original oral presentation that we made and the posters that we had put up on the walls in the seminar room. It definitely raised interest in our product, so from a managerial point of view it was a successful game announcement. Finally we got some nice comments from one of the persons from Swedish Game Awards who thought that we definitely should participate in their event. One of his comments were that he did not get as frustrated as he could have been when he failed to complete one of our hard levels. He said it was because you can never count on a kitten to behave as you want it to. We think it is a good comment, since it is hard to say the same thing about another game.

Constructive Criticism

The prototype levels got very hard a little bit too fast. This is due to us trying to cram in the rope functionality in an early stage, which is a hard technique to master. Especially if the player is not completely familiar with the rest of the control scheme.

People thought that the game was hard and frustrating at times due to too few descriptions of the controls. However, that was something that we were already aware of, but due to time constraints we did not have enough time to implement as many “tutorial elements” in the prototype version of the game as we would have liked.

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