Moves where a Queen can't take (8x8 chess board)
Apr 17, 2016
[Anton Erholt]
3 minute read

This piece finds okay positions where a single queen can’t take the piece (on a 8x8 chess board). It took a little while to write, but I think it reads pretty well and is done in a functional style. I was TOO SLOW to finish this in a single clash! (1h 10min)

Learned about generation with lazy-seq and map-indexed together with list comprehension (for).

;; Simulates input.
(def one-Q-board
  [["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "Q" "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]
   ["." "." "." "." "." "." "." "."]])

;; Will be used as a base board to build on.
(def all-p-board
  [["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]
   ["P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P" "P"]])

;; Direction functions for taking a step in the next direction.

(def dirs {:topleft   (fn [[x y]] [(dec x) (dec y)])
	   :top       (fn [[x y]] [x (dec y)])
	   :topright  (fn [[x y]] [(inc x) (dec y)])
	   :left      (fn [[x y]] [(dec x) y])
	   :right     (fn [[x y]] [(inc x) y])
	   :downleft  (fn [[x y]] [(dec x) (inc y)])
	   :down      (fn [[x y]] [x (inc y)])
	   :downright (fn [[x y]] [(inc x) (inc y)])})

(defn outside-board?
  "Stop the lazyness with this when you fall off the board."
  [[x y]]
  (or (< x 0)
      (> x 7)
      (< y 0)
      (> y 7)))

(defn advance
  "Take a step forward."
  [dir pos]
  ((dir dirs) pos))

(defn advanced-positions
  "Lazily take several steps forward."
  [dir pos]
   (cons pos
	 (advanced-positions dir (advance dir pos)))))

(defn take-positions
  "Find all the positions where a queen can take a piece."
  [[x y]]
  (for [dir (keys dirs)
	pos (take-while
	     #(not (outside-board? %))
	     (advanced-positions dir [x y]))]

(defn find-string-on-board
  [board string]
  (for [row   (map-indexed vector board)
	col   (map-indexed vector (second row))
	:when (= string (second col))]
    [(first row) (first col)]))

(defn find-queen [board]
  (find-string-on-board board "Q"))

;; Functions for updating a board / 2d-seq
(defn update-row [row x val]
  (map-indexed (fn [xidx col]
		 (if (= x xidx) val col)) row))

(defn update-board [board [x y] val]
  (map-indexed (fn [yidx row]
		 (if (= y yidx)
		   (update-row row x val)
		   row)) board))

;; (update-board one-Q-board [2 3] "X")

(defn ok-positions
  (let [qpos       (first (find-queen board))
	tpositions (take-positions qpos)]
     (map reverse
	  (loop [tpositions tpositions
		 board      all-p-board]
	    (if (empty? tpositions)
	      (update-board board qpos "Q")
	      (recur (rest tpositions)
		     (update-board board
				   (first tpositions)

(ok-positions one-Q-board)

Results in:

(("P" "P" "P" "." "P" "." "P" ".")
 ("P" "P" "P" "P" "." "." "." "P")
 ("." "." "." "." "." "Q" "." ".")
 ("P" "P" "P" "P" "." "." "." "P")
 ("P" "P" "P" "." "P" "." "P" ".")
 ("P" "P" "." "P" "P" "." "P" "P")
 ("P" "." "P" "P" "P" "." "P" "P")
 ("." "P" "P" "P" "P" "." "P" "P"))

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