Future of procedural generation of content
Nov 19, 2013
[Anton Erholt]
2 minute read

I really think that map generation or procedural content generation is something which is becoming more and more common in games. Instead of playing linear, story based games we get to experience multidimensional games where we create our own unique worlds (or have our own worlds created for us). However, generating good maps is a really difficult problem which really hasn’t been available until more recently so I think that there are many improvements to be made here in the future.

I think we will see even more of this in the future. Perhaps a lot more free-roaming, sandbox games like Minecraft, Terraria or perhaps Project Zomboid 0. I think the procedural generation of content adds greatly to the sandbox survival genre of games. These games often add a bit of a RPG element to them, making it extra sad when your heroine/hero dies.

Taking it one step further, I’d love to see what happens when not only the maps are generated, but also the creatures within them. I imagine something like Spore 1 for monsters/creatures in the world. Perhaps someday one will be able to generate quests and dialogs aswell. It all comes down to breaking it into small enough parts I guess.

Hopefully we will se a lot more AR-/VR integration in games as well. Games played on devices such as Oculus Rift, Google Glass and so forth, are games I’m already greatly looking forward to, since procedural creation might be very applicable to such scenarios. For instance generating content based on whatever you are currently looking at.

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