Data-driven approach
Nov 15, 2013
[Anton Erholt]
2 minute read

A data-driven approach is shifted from Object Oriented approaches. The data-driven approach seems like a really good fit if you are geared towards making a state-of-the art game engine for making really high performing games. Bitsquid is certainly outstanding in that sense

It’s always a bit tricky when you’re learning a new programming paradigm. Usually you learn a new programming language together with the paradigm which can help you understand difficult patterns and ideas more easily. However when shifting to the data driven paradigm, you haven’t really got the advantage of changing language as well.

According to wikipedia 1, there are a few languages which have a more data driven approach but I have unfortunately not used any of these (except for one line of awk, but that’s it). I’m guessing what we’re after is to learn the concept and then embrace it in whatever language we are most confident. Techniques like loop unrolling and cache optimizations through padding are worth noting in the back of your head.

I’m still kind of eager not to do this first. Since I’m already pretty much into the object oriented paradigm, I’ll probably prototype my idea with OOP on beforehand, then afterwards evolve it into something a bit more suitable to the profiling tools. I feel that the most important thing is that the game gets created in the first place and then one can make gradual improvements.

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